Web Scraping

Web scraping (web harvesting or web data extraction) is a computer software technique of extracting information from websites. I can work with Web Scraping as well! I have developed a lot of web scraping scripts to collect different types of data from different sites like web stores products, real estates listing, business directory listings etc

I am using my own techniques to scrap data from different websites via cURL and gCurl. I know PHP Curl Cookies, Multicurl, Curl HTTP Headers, POST fields etc Usages. I know PHP DOM / Regular Expressions as well to get required contents from scrapped page content.

I have developed some scrapper (Output Array Only Script) for different client from below listed sites
1. http://map.google.com
2. http://lejdinbolig.nu
3. http://bdyellowbook.com
4. http://bdtradeinfo.com
5. http://danbolig.dk
… And there are many more about 20 around!

If you want to know about my way of web scraping then you can read this article http://codeatomic.com/page-scraping-on-php/ written by me!