Social Integration

When on your website it has a user base and you want to use some Social Integration or different websites oauth service for quick login and registration like facebook, twitter, linkedin, google or yahoo oauth for open authentication I can help on all of them oauth api integration as well!

Today’s maximum social websites has some nice features like open authentication, url or content sharing, fan page building, discussion board, comment board etc for example on facebook, google plus, twitter etc. If you want any kinds of those social integration I can help you.

The list of social integration I can work with
1. Facebook oAuth
2. Facebook Fanpage Article Posting or Status update
3. Facebook comment/discussion board
4. Facebook Like or Sharing
5. Twitter oAuth
6. Twitter tweeting, retweeting or sharing
7. Linkedin oAuth
8. Yahoo oAuth
9. Google oAuth or Discussion board
…etc Integration

There are some other Social Integration I can help you like addthis, pinterst, reddit, digg or other social sharing plugins to show share button, follow button or tools for you websites or online store.