• PDF Generation in PHP

It’s true that I have extensive knowledge on pdf generation work in php. I have a lot of working experience to generate new pdf catalog, invoice, static pdf page and pdf page with form or table. Also I can use existing PDF document to modify it with extra content appending. Also you can say using almost all markup elements I can generate a PDF.

To generate a new pdf or modify an existing pdf document I can use php tcpdf, fpdf, fpdi, zend pdf etc libraries as well.
I can use PDF templates as header, footer, image, html form elements, static page text and cover page contents to generate a pdf like a markup page.

I can generate a data sheet like PDF with Image or Other markup elements which can have around more then 100 above page. All data can be fetched from any MySql database and after Generating the PDF it can be send on user email as mail attachments. According to the generated PDF I can develop any other page for that as online version so user can visit that PDF online markup version.

There are so many other library to work with PDF in php here on online but my mentioned above all are most popular and commonly used libraries.

So the list of PDF Generation work can be
1. Single page PDF Generation.
2. Multi page PDF Generation which can be above 100 page.
3. Cover page generation of any PDF.
4. Showing Graph Data in PDF
5. PDF for Catalog.
6. PDF for Invoice.
7. PDF for any Markup page with Almost all markup element like Image, Table, Forms etc