PDF Generation in PHP

It’s true that I have extensive knowledge on pdf generation work. I have a lot of working experience to generate new pdf catalog, invoice, static pdf page and pdf page with form. Also I can use existing PDF document to modify it with extra content appending.

Social Integration

When on your website it has a user base and you want to use different websites oauth service for quick login and registration like facebook, twitter, linkedin, google or yahoo oauth I can help on all of them oauth api integration as well!

All Major Shipping API

Suppose you have a business for selling products and now you want to build a online store for it with some major shipping api integration like Fedex, DHL, UPS or USPS. I can help you with those all shipping api integration.

Web Scraping

I am using my own techniques to scrap data from different websites via cURL and gCurl. I know PHP Curl Cookies, Multicurl, Curl HTTP Headers, POST fields etc Usages.

CSV Export Import

Sometimes you may need to export your website contents in a CSV file for quick modification in a bulk way and need to import or restore it on website after modified it. I can develop this kinds of features as well.

Custom E-commerce

I know how to build a e-commerce website based on core php or cakephp or codeigniter as php framework. I know all the basic features of a e-commerce. I even know how to develop it based on clients requirements.

Custom CMS

I know how to build a content management website based on core php with object oriented programming or with cakephp as php framework or codeigniter as php framework. I know all the basic features of a CMS.