WordPress plugins for general shortcodes

WP TinyMCE General Shortcodes Plugins is a very simple, fast and light weight wordpress plguins for wordpress. It has some basic shortcodes which support tinymce toolbar buttons for each one with popup window to configure shortcodes or post shotcodes content. I have developed on 2012 as a premium wordpress plugins from my own under Dropndot Limited aimed to update it regularly with all nice, useful and easy shortcodes.

This wordpress general shortcodes plugins current version is 1.0.0. It has total 15 different shortcodes and for all those shortcodes there are a button on tinymce toolbar individually, You can use each of shortcode without any tech/code knowledge just by click on the button, select from option field and puting text on input field. There are some shortcode supports nested shortcodes like Tabs to created nested contents based on different shortcodes.

The list of different shortcodes on this general shortcodes plugins are listed below
1. Accordion
2. Block Quotes
3. Buttons
4. Columns
5. Divider & Space
6. Dropcaps
7. List Styles
8. Message Boxes
9. Social Links
10. Tabs
11. Testimonials
12. Toggle Box
13. Vimeo & Youtube Videos

To know more about this wordpress general shortcodes plugins you can have a visit on it’s demo here http://envato.dropntheme.com/wp-tinymce-general-shortcodes/

You can purchase it for 9.00$ with email ordering!