• Dropndot Limited Official Website
  • Dropndot Limited Official Website
  • Dropndot Limited Official Website

Yes I have developed this portfolio company website (Dropndot Limited) using CakePHP also. It is content management system for online portfolio items with service or category wise. I have developed this website on 2010 using CakePHP 1.3 when it was the latest and stable version of CakePHP php web application framework. This website will design will be change very soon also the platform will be moved from CakePHP as well so far I know.

Dropndot Limited is a web design and development company in Dhaka Bangladesh 100% outsourcing based.

The major features on this Dropndot Limited Official Website I have developed are mentioned below
1. Service management
2. Service wise portfolio management
3. Article or new category management
4. Article management
5. Static page management
6. Team management
7. Static block are management
8. Area wise Static block management
9. Multilevel admin user management group wise.
10. And some other basic featues

List of technologies I have used when developing this site
1. PHP 5.2
2. Mysql
3. CakePHP 1.3 as PHP framework
4. jQuery 1.4.x

To know more about this project you can have a visit on it’s live site on Dropndot Limited